About Up-cycle


Up-cycling is the creative reuse of discarded and unwanted products that have been thrown out resulting in new products of better quality and ecological value.

I grew up in a time when production of goods became easier and cheaper, it was therefore easier to throw away stuff and buy new ones. I worked as a technician in many different industries and saw change the quality and form of industrial products over the years and recede. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of skilled craftsmanship and technical personnel. We repair or share nothing but buy everything new. Quality comes at the expense of the quantity and amount of waste increases. Because of this I became aware that the consumer in its present form is against me. (Up-cycle.nl founder Ronald Mossou.)


The products used for Up-cycle.nl have been written off by our society. They are too old, too slow or not hip enough. They are rescued by up-cycle in the last phase of their life cycle from flea markets, Marketplace, ironmongers,etc.


All Up-cycle.nl products are created with pure materials such as concrete, iron, leather or wood.


Up-cycle.nl products are unique and have retained their original character. Lived through the past, they’ve found a new life. Each item gets a new job but keeps its old soul. Up-cycle.nl’s products are fun, beautiful, unique, original, creative, environmentally friendly and affordable.